Bundle Internet and phone from Frontier communications.

FRONTIER INTERNET SERVICE: high-speed and hassle-free

You have a choice for fast Internet access at an affordable price with Frontier.

Service plans deliver an array of speeds to meet your family’s needs. Get the plan that fits what you love to do on the Internet.

Do you stream movies and music?

Do you play online games, or just check email and browse the web?

There’s a Frontier high-speed Internet plan for you.

Why pick Internet service from Frontier Communications?

  • 3-YEAR PRICE GUARANTEE | Lock up your price for Frontier Internet for three years! Don’t settle for the cable carrier price hikes on your Internet service.
  • CUSTOMER CARE | A 100% U.S.-based team provides technical support for Frontier Internet service. Speak with them no matter when you call.
  • SECURE NETWORK | Frontier gives you a dedicated Internet network that you don’t share with anyone. Conduct business online with peace of mind.

Plus, you can get a wireless router included when you sign up for Frontier Internet, today.

Frontier: High-Speed Internet is just the start!

The network that delivers fast, dependable Internet also brings you a home phone you can rely on. A landline from Frontier Communications provides features your mobile carrier can’t.

  • SECURITY SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY | In order to arm your home with a security system, you’ll need a home phone. Home security system providers need a landline to secure service.
  • COMPREHENSIVE CALLING PLANS | Frontier service plans include a choice of unlimited local or nationwide calling. They also come with convenient phone features.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR CONNNECTIONS | No need to find that one spot in the house you get coverage, as you might with a mobile phone. Calls come through crystal clear, every time.
  • ADDITIONAL BENEFITS | Landlines can assist emergency personnel in finding your home. Your home phone connection stays reliable, even during severe weather.


It’s a snap to manage your account online or mobile device for Frontier Internet and phone service. Check out what you can do with the free MyFrontier app:

  • Arrange auto pay
  • Manage payment methods
  • Pay and view bill statements


Bundle Frontier Internet service with home phone and save every month on your bill! Which plan fits you best? Call today and speak with one of our web experts. Let them find the right combination of Frontier service for Internet and home phone for you. Call now!