No contract | 3-year price guarantee!

High-speed Internet from Frontier Communications

DSL delivers dependable Internet connections. Frontier’s Internet packages deliver affordable prices.

What comes with DSL Internet from Frontier?

  • 3-YEAR PRICE LOCK | Don’t play the game of price hikes with cable companies. Frontier locks down your price for three years – and doesn’t force you into a contract to qualify.
  • HOLD THE PHONE | Have you given up your home phone in favor of just a mobile phone? No problem, with Frontier. You don’t need a landline to set up Frontier DSL Internet service.
  • FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT | Reach Frontier customer care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They’re always there to answer questions regarding your Frontier DSL service, free of charge.
  • FREE WIRELESS ROUTER | Turn your home into a hot spot! A wireless router comes with Internet plans from Frontier Communications.

DSL Internet can put you on the fast track to do what you love online. When you sign up for service from Frontier, you get speeds to support gaming, streaming and more. Frontier delivers DSL Internet to your home on a connection you share with no one!

Can I get DSL Internet service from Frontier?

Frontier serves 27 states in the U.S. See if you live in a Frontier neighborhood!

Americans have depended on Frontier for their communications since 1933. Frontier continues to serve its customers with a 100%-U.S. based team.

Why get a bundle from Frontier?

DSL Internet, home phone and TV services – they’re in the ultimate Frontier Triple Play. Get all three services from a company you trust – and save on your monthly bill!

Get the three-year price lock from Frontier Communications. DSL Internet, phone and TV rates will remain low and affordable for 36 months!

Stay safe with Frontier

Frontier Secure services can safeguard your devices and personal information online. You’re supported, connected and protected, with Frontier Secure:

  • IDENTITY THEFT | Be safe with your personal data online! Frontier Secure monitors your online transactions against:
    • Hackers: Unauthorized access can leave your banking data and passwords vulnerable
    • Malware: Malicious programs can record keystrokes
    • Phishing: Email and other communication that looks legit can grant access to hackers
    • Unwanted downloads: Protects against deceptive practices that lead to downloads


  • PERSONAL DEVICE PROTECTION | Cover one or more devices against damage, from tablets to TVs. Frontier offers a streamline claims process and service for large equipment and portable devices.


Time to switch!

Reliable DSL Internet, affordable prices and savings when you bundle. Isn’t it time you made the switch to Frontier? Call today to discover the plan that fits you best!