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Frontier FiOS is in an Area Near You!

Frontier Communications is one of the nation’s largest home service providers, specializing in rural areas. Check out Frontier FiOS availability near you to benefit from these great services:

  • High-Speed Internet │ Lightning-fast, dedicated Internet connection keeps up with your daily needs and won’t slow you down.
  • Digital TV │ Enjoy the shows and movies you love with cool features and extra viewing options.
  • Reliable Home Phone │ Stay connected to the people you love with a consistent, dependable phone line.
  • Frontier Secure │ Help keep your private information and personal devices protected with Frontier Secure service.

Ready to get Frontier in your home? Call today to learn more about Frontier FiOS in your area and order your services now!

Is there Frontier FiOS coverage for my home?

With services in 27 states, there’s a good chance Frontier Communications is in your area. FiOS fiber-optic network makes up a smaller portion of Frontier’s overall coverage map. Check out the states with FiOS availability:


Didn’t find your state? See more available states to find if you qualify for other Frontier services. Whether there’s FiOS in your area or one of the many other incredible services by Frontier, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Frontier bundles mean big savings

Get more for your money with a bundle from Frontier FiOS in your area. A Frontier bundle combines all the services you need for your home into one convenient package with one consolidated bill each month.

High-Speed Internet

Get fast, dedicated Internet to keep you moving. Frontier FiOS runs on a fiber-optic network that uses cutting-edge technology to provide blazing-fast Internet for an affordable cost.

Cable companies offer shared Internet networks, which means you could be sharing with up to 500 of your neighbors and slowing down your broadband.

Digital TV

Frontier TV offers hundreds of channels, in HD and standard definition, thousands of On Demand titles, easy-to-use features and accessible setting controls. Watch your favorite shows and movies when you want to throughout the house on compatible devices or ready-to-go TV receivers. Enjoying your TV is easy with Frontier.

Reliable Home Phone

Call your friends, family and co-workers with a reliable phone line. Get clear reception and avoid dropped calls or patchy service. Save your cell phone battery and cut down on data usage with a convenient line at home.

Frontier Secure

Help keep your devices and information safe online with the added protection of Frontier Secure. Get online safety tips, preventative software and more with your Frontier Secure plan.

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